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SPARK Consulting provides assistance relating to historic architecture to historic preservation commissions, Main Street programs, individuals, and other organizations, including preparation of historic rehabilitation tax credit applications and recommendations for design guidelines, individual building facade improvements, and rehabilitation of historic structures.  Partnerships with architects are also created to develop appropriate plans for the rehabilitation of historic properties.


Projects involving historic architecture are often related to the development of applications for Historic Preservation Tax Credit programs to assist with the financial aspects of rehabilitation projects that respect and maintain historic architectural features. Property owners may wish to apply for the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Credit program to receive a 20% income tax credit for rehabilitation of income-producing historic properties. Property owners in Iowa may wish to apply for the Iowa Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit to receive a 25% refundable income tax credit for rehabilitation of commercial, residential, religious, educational, and agricultural properties. A statewide historic tax credit program is still under development in Illinois.


Other projects involving historic architecture are typically specifically designed to meet a client's needs. Rehabilitation recommendations can be made in a historic assessment report to guide the future use, projects, and maintenance of a historic building. Recommendations can also be made specifically for commercial building facades that have sustained alterations through the years for property owners interested in a more historically appropriate appearance.  These recommendations often involve research on the property. Finally, other projects involving historic architecture may be broader and incorporate numerous buildings, such as developing a set of design standards for historic district or properties to monitor future alterations or infill new construction.


Rebecca Lawin McCarley is thoroughly knowledgeable about the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation and has experience completing Historic Preservation Tax Credit applications for the rehabilitation of historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  These standards are utilized as the basis for her recommendations, as these standards must be met for tax credit and most grant programs.  For more information, please contact SPARK Consulting

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