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Research on Historic Buildings


SPARK Consulting works to develop specialized research projects on historic buildings for property owners to meet a variety of interests and needs.  These projects may include in-depth research on the property, research on the family that built or lived in the structure, basic research to answer specific questions, or general information about the property.


Research on a historic property can be summarized in a basic letter format or formalized report.  Depending on the scope of the research project, a report on a historic building typically includes the research summary, current photographs of the structure, historic maps, historic photographs (if available), original drawings of the buildings (if available), and portraits of previous residents (if available).  All reports are printed in color, though many historic images may be black and white.


SPARK Consulting brings significant expertise to all research projects, drawing on several years of experience researching historic properties.  For further information, contact SPARK Consulting.

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