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Historic Structure Documentation


Historic structure documentations involves intensive research and documentation of a historic structure.  Reports may be prepared as a first step in a restoration or rehabilitation project, to further investigate a historic structure, to record the property for future research, or as documentation for a property soon to be demolished.  Types of projects vary from documentations for particular organizations, state level documentations, or Historic American Building Survey (HABS) level documentations.  Historic Structures Reports are also related to historic structure documentation projects.


A historic structure documentation project typically includes several components.  Descriptive information about the site, exterior, and interior features of a building is recorded.  Research is conducted about the history of the property and its historic appearance.  Measured drawings are carefully prepared to document the current appearance and layout of the structure.  Photographs are taken to further document the existing conditions.  Precise guidelines on the depth of information included in a historic structure documentation project depends on the type of project and regulating agency, if any.


SPARK Consulting offer expertise on the production of historic structure documentations, including all aspects of the components typically included in these projects.  For more information, contact SPARK Consulting.

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