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Heritage Tourism


SPARK Consulting assists communities and organizations in developing heritage tourism programs to promote their built heritage through particular themes in history.  Heritage tourists travel to other areas to experience the places, artifacts, and activities that authentically represent the stories and people of the past and present.  


Key to the development of a successful heritage tourism program is the identification and interpretation of the related historic resources.  This typically involves research to develop a historic context about the theme, survey of related resources, establishment of selection criteria, and evaluation of the resources' significance to the theme and perhaps eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places.  Once this background information is created, tools can be utilized to market and manage the heritage tourism program.  Creation of a brochure is a standard initial marketing tool, followed by other activities.


SPARK Consulting assists in launching a heritage tourism program by 

developing the historic information needed to provide a substantial and authentic base for the program.  Brochures are also developed, and recommendations can be made for further marketing and management strategies.  For more information, contact SPARK Consulting.  

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