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Historic Structures Report


A Historic Structures Report (HSR) is a specific type of documentation project with rehabilitation and treatment recommendations.  The guidelines for a HSR were developed by the National Park Service to formalize the history and treatment plan of its cultural resources.  Its format is also utilized by other organizations and agencies in creating treatment plans for their historic resources.  A team consisting of historian and/or architectural historian, architect, engineer, historic material specialists, and other experts as needed for the specific project usually completes the project.


A HSR is typically a very fluid document, incorporating records of treatment as they are undertaken for the structure.  The initial document includes three main components: Developmental History, Treatment and Use, and Record of Treatment.  Several additional elements documenting the history, current condition, treatment recommendations, and technical analysis are included within each component through narrative information, measured drawings, and photographs.  


SPARK Consulting provides expertise on many aspects of HSR's and is available to work as a member of the HSR team or spearhead a project.  Rebecca Lawin McCarley has recently refreshed her Historic Structure Documentation training at the 2004 National Preservation Conference.   For more information, contact SPARK Consulting

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