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Public Education


Public education can be an important part of the mission of a historic preservation commission, a component of a historic preservation project, or a goal of an organization to offer opportunities to the public to expand their knowledge on particular topics.  Public education may involve seminars, public informational sessions, trainings, lectures, brochures, heritage tourism projects, or websites.  Interpretation of historic sites is also often a component of public education goals.


Historic preservation commissions or other organizations may find it useful to host a preservation seminar or public informational session on basics of historic preservation or particular preservation topics like the National Register of Historic Places or the historic tax credit programs.  Seminar series may be held on specific topics, drawing on a variety of professionals.  These informational sessions or seminars can be helpful to further explain the goals of historic preservation and eliminate some misunderstanding. Training sessions can be useful for introducing new preservation commission members to the basic tenets of historic preservation, as well as refreshing the knowledge of long-time members.  


Public education may focus on a particular architectural history topic, community heritage subject, or historic site.  Through research, a program can be developed on multiple topics that further a community's understanding on historic architecture around them and the significance of their history.


Brochures can be a quick way to convey information about a particular topic.  A basic brochure or series of brochures can outline historic preservation goals and information on particular programs or guidelines.  A brochure also can teach the public about historic architecture in a particular neighborhood through a walking or driving tour brochure, including information on each site, neighborhood history, and architectural style guide. Brochures are often a component of broader heritage tourism projects, and they should be available online as well as in print,   


SPARK Consulting provides knowledge on the development of public education programs. Additionally, SPARK Consulting offers professional expertise for presentations on a variety of preservation topics for various seminars and public informational sessions. While sessions are typically held within a community, they are available to be hosted through an online platform as well.   For more information, contact SPARK Consulting.

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