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SPARK Consulting specializes in all types of research relating to historic structures for a variety of clients, such as property owners, non-profit organizations, private business, and governmental agencies.   The full extent of resources available for research on historic buildings are utilized, including local, state, and federal repositories, historic photographs and postcards, historic maps, newspapers, census records, and oral interviews. 


Historic research can lead to the development of various projects, including historic contexts, National Register nominations, historic structure documentation, rehabilitation recommendations, and specialized research for property owners.  Historic context development is the broadest form of research on historic properties, encompassing research on a shared theme among properties to assist in the identification of related significant properties.   Nominations for the National Register of Historic Places includes in-depth research on the history and historic appearance of significant historic structures.  Historic structure documentation includes extensive research on the history and historic appearance of the structure, measured drawings, and photographs to document the current appearance of the structure.   Research is also utilized for rehabilitation recommendations on the appropriate treatments for a historic property.  Finally, research projects can be designed to meet the needs and interests of property owners.  


SPARK Consulting brings significant expertise to all research projects, drawing on several years of experience researching historic properties.  Rebecca Lawin McCarley also specializes in research on octagon houses, including work she has presented at national and regional conferences.  For further information, contact SPARK Consulting.

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