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SPARK Consulting conducts a variety of architectural surveys to meet local planning needs as well as federal regulations stipulated in Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act.  Ms. McCarley meets the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Standards for an Architectural Historian as well as a Historian.


Architectural surveys are typically conducted for a certain area, defined by a project´┐Żs goals and needs.  Each historic resource (at least 50 years old) within the area is individually assessed.  Site Inventory Forms are typically filled out for each resource, including descriptive information about the architecture and archival information about the history.  Photographs are included of each resource, and their locations are depicted on a map.  Finally, the resource is usually evaluated for its potential eligibility for listing on the National Register of Historic PlacesHistoric contexts are frequently developed for the project area as well to better assess the significance of individual sites or a potential historic district.


Rebecca Lawin McCarley has several years experience completing architectural surveys for local historic preservation commissions, city governments, and businesses and organization completing projects requiring a Section 106 review.  Samples of projects in Iowa over the last 10 years include these six with products available online:

2004-2005 Intensive Level Architectural Survey of Downtown Muscatine

2005-2006 Intensive Level Architectural Surveys of the West Hill neighborhood in Muscatine

2009-2010 Intensive Level Architectural Survey of the "Warehouse" District in Burlington

2011-2012 Intensive Level Architectural Survey of the "Park to Park" Residential Neighborhood in Fort Madison

2011-2012 Intensive Level Survey of Downtown Washington for NRHP district project

2012-2013 Intensive Level Architectural Survey of the East Section of Downtown Burlington in Des Moines County, Iowa

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